Warming House Super Bowl Preview

Welcome to the most in depth Super Bowl preview that you will probably read on this blog. The time has come, only two teams remain and one will be crowned World Champs this Sunday.

I mean is there really anything better than Super Bowl Sunday? It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Solid Football, Heart Stopping Food, Good Company…Even the commercials are enjoyable. The patriots yet again have found themselves back in the Super Bowl for the 4th time in the past Five years, and the Rams for the 1st time in almost 17 years.

This match up has the potential to be a clash of the titans. You have the Rams…an excellently coached team that seems to have no flaws on both Offense and Defense *Unless they Play the Bears COugh COUGH* and in the opposing corner you have the New England Patriots, and at this point it seems like as long as they have Bill running the show, and Tom slinging the rock like David against Goliath, it seems like the Patriots are never really out of it. I can honestly see this game going both ways, and being the football genius that i am, as long as both teams follow my Keys to Victory…their respective seasons will not end in heartbreaking fashion.

Keys to Victory: Los Angeles

  • Pound the Rock: The rams need to continue to do what they are best at. Running the ball. Get Todd Gurley going early and good things will happen. Doing this will not only control the clock and open up the passing game for Play Action.
  • Keep the Pocket Clean: If there is one thing that i can guarantee its this; If Jared Goff is sacked more than 4 times, the Ram will Lose this game. Jared Goff is notoriously Terrible under Pressure (See the Bears/Rams game, Eagles/Rams Game earlier this season for an example) In their Week 14 match up the bears pass rush was so far up Jared Goff’s ass they could see out his nose. Keep Jared Goff on his feet and the Rams have a significantly higher chance of winning this game.
    Get to Tom Brady: My last key to victory for the Rams is that they need to put Tom Brady and his old Ass on the ground. This should prove to be a tough task as the Patriots have not given up a sack this post season. But this Rams pass rush, more specifically Aaron Donald need to show up. I’ve been saying to myself all year that Aaron Donald is a stud; he deserves to be the MVP of the League this season, and if he is allowed to Wreck Havoc in the Patriots backfield it is almost a Guarantee that the Rams will win this game.

Keys to Victory: New England

    Long Sustained Drives: The last thing the Patriots will want to do is let this potent Rams offense to have possessions especially in the second half. Well what does this mean? If you let me finish i will tell you. It means that the Patriots need to come out of the game flying and use their 8 headed monster Running Game to shorten the game and keep the ball out of Todd Gurley’s hands. I would comment on the Patriots needing good quarterback play but who am i kidding, Tom Brady will show up and he will carve the Rams secondary like a Christmas Ham.
    Stop the Run: The Rams rushing attack is one of the best in the league. It is also their biggest weakness. Very simple; You stop the Run, you stop the Rams. Make Jared Goff beat you with his arm. This is not a knock on Jared Goff…However, if it is a third year Quarterback against the greatest coach in NFL history I’m siding with Bill 11 times out of 10.
    Keep Aaron Donald Away: Aaron Donald needs extra attention, the man is a freak. I mean he is a Defensive Tackle that has a Six-Pack…There is no reason why he should have a Six-Pack. If he is not contained he will dominate this game, that is a fact.

Now that we have taken a look at both Teams here our my Final Thoughts:

This whole season the narrative going around the NFL is that Tom Brady is too old, and that New England is not good anymore. I think that ends Sunday. To me the Patriots are the better team. They have more playoff experience, and they have the best coach ever/best quarterback ever. Put that money on New England (and the over while your at it).

Patriots 34- Rams 31

Oh, and i should probably include that i just hope both teams have fun.

Bonus: McKenzie’s Pick

You heard it here first. She’s taking Santa Clause. So hammer Santa on Sunday the odds should be pretty good.

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