Is The Huggle Man’s Greatest Achievement? Spoiler Alert: It is

You may not think of me as one but I’m a big “As Seen on TV Guy.” I love it. Snuggie? Got 3, Snackeez? Yep Got One; i was even Billy Mays for Halloween the year that he unfortunately left this plain and entered a new one. All these products pale in comparison to the one true Queen of As Seen on TV Products…The Huggle. The idea behind it is very simple

“Let’s take one of those Sherpa Blankets, and make a Giant hoodie out of it” – Probably the guy who created it.

It’s incredible; You get the warmth of a blanket, and you don’t look like a complete Lunatic while wearing it. Perfect for people like me who A) Live in Cold Region of the United States, B) Are Always Cold. Now, I don’t think i will be as Brave as the people in the infomercials and wear these to Tailgates and Sporting Events, but I’ll rock it around the house with no issue what so ever.

Here’s Proof. I personally like the Inside Out look as it makes me look like the Abominable Snowman from Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer.

Who Wore it Better?

Now typically I’m not in the market to be giving away free marketing advice but if i was on the Huggle team i would reach out to a couple young hot celebrities to promote the shit out of this item for me. Below is an artist rendering (aka Horrible Photoshop job) of two of my favorite people.

I expect a commission check from Huggle Shortly.

Huggle Gang or Die

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