The Pro Bowl is Shit

Every year it feels like the Football season comes to a close quicker and quicker. Towards the end you start seeing the light. It is a massive shame that one of the last games of the season is the Pro Bowl.

Only at the Pro Bowl can you watch the best to very good of each conference get together and have one full week of practice together. Oh, and it shows. They should call it the Toilet Bowl because this game stinks.

*As i am typing this Mike Evans (Yep, you read that right) just Picked Off Deshaun Watson and lateraled the ball to Saquon Barkley (Yep, still reading that right)*.

They should just eliminate the Pro Bowl all together, even though I’m always going to watch it.

Highlights of this year:

– It’s raining…A lot

– Jason Garret is the NFC Head Coach. Yikes

– It’s the Monday Night Football Crew. Aka The Worst possible group of announcers to do the game.

– They showed Brian Urlacher on the Sideline wearing a Dallas Cowboys jacket. Don’t worry intend to write my senator about this because that makes me so triggered.

Keep Up the Good work NFL

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