Never Forget: The 1952 State Champs

I’m sure you’ve all heard the term Ball Is Life. The idea that basketball is so engrained in you seems kind of silly. But for a small town in Northwestern Illinois they have taken the term to new heights.

Life takes you strange places. And nothing is more Strange than the Small town of Hebron, Illinois that i find myself driving through every day during my morning and evening commute. You may ask yourself…Mike what’s so weird about this Place, well you need to just listen because I’m about to tell you. This small town is absolutely all about a High School Basketball Championship that they won almost 70 Years ago. Don’t believe me? Well, why don’t you take a look at their Water tower

It’s adorable

That’s right. It’s a Basketball. How adorable is that??? You can tell that this is the most important thing that has ever happened to this small town, and they are going All In on it. I want you to do something…i want you to go to Hebron, Illinois Wikipedia page. This basketball championship is easily the most interesting thing on that entire page. Now you may be asking yourself, Mike (We can be on a first name basis) why is this important? Well it isn’t, i just think it’s funny.

Now i want you to picture this team in your head



Yep…you guessed it

So come to Hebron, The town that takes exactly 3 minutes to drive through. Get a really “Yeah i make a wrong turn around here and I’ll run into the people from the Hills Have Eyes” vibe. Come see the Historic Water Tower, and the Mexican restaurant sketchily named “Beaners” across the street from it. Will you enjoy your stay? Probably not. But you will remember. You will remember the 1952 Champs* I’m putting an asterisk next that because this happened 100% before they let EVERYONE play the game.

Just look at those Dorks.

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