What the Hell is Winter’s Problem?

Living in Illinois can be a struggle sometimes. We have high taxes, Year round Construction, and Traffic that would give the Dali Llama road rage. But year in and year out i’ve realized that there is one glaring issue that makes Illinois the worst place on earth. The Winters.

That’s right Old Man Winter…I’m calling you out. Why does it have to snow so much? Why Do we need to have days when the Wind Chill is -30? Why do you have to be such an Ass?

I think if our elected officials were smart, they wouldn’t be worried about such trivial topics like Gun Control, and Universal Health Care. They should be concentrating their Efforts on stopping Old Man Winter from every showing his Old Keister (Oh Yeah, Total Old Word) around these parts ever again.

P.S. I’m totally aware that this sounds crazy and the government can’t control the weather…Yet

ThE tRuTh Is OuT tHeRe

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