The Chicago Bears are in the Endgame Now

The Bearvengers

It has been 16 Days since the Chicago Bears were eliminated from the playoffs by the Philadelphia Eagles. It has not gotten any easier. Times are tough. It feels eerily similar to the ending of Infinity War when the Avengers are looking at each other staring blankly, thinking “Well…What do we do now?” While The New England Patriots are on their way to possibly collect their 6th Super Bowl Stone. It seems like the bad guys may win this battle, all hope is lost.

It’s disappointing to not see the Monsters of the Midway not competing for their first Championship since 1985. This year really felt special. However, i can’t help but think that they are in the endgame now. Maybe this heavy loss is exactly what the team needed to take it to the next level. With the new Avengers movie coming out this year, I got to thinking as to what a Chicago Bears Avenger Squad would like. After years of research (Kidding) here are my findings.

Hulk: Aikeem Hicks is really the only choice for who would be our Hulk. He’s big, he’s strong, and pissing him off may be the last thing you would want to do as it seems he plays better when he’s angry. He is and will continue to be a nightmare for opposing teams making your quarterback wince before he even bear hugs them into submission. The guy is an animal. Oh you have Aaron Rodgers? Well we have a hulk.

Iron Man: When I think of Iron Man a few things come to mind. Intelligence, Focus, Speed, and Swag. None of which is more synonymous with the Chicago Bears second year Ballhawk Eddie “Action” Jackson. When Eddie Jackson has the ball in his hands he turns into a Paydirt Seeking Missle. His knack of finding the end zone is eerily similar to Ed Reed in his prime. I don’t want to throw that comp out lightly. Eddie Jackson is a stud, Ryan Pace should be arrested because he was a steal in the 2017 Draft.

Thor: This pick was by far the easiest one to make. Khalil Mack has to be Thor. The man is incredible. At least once a game he does something that makes you questions if he is even human. Spoiler Alert…He’s not. Whether it’s bullying 300+ pound men or sacking Aaron Rodgers with his back. This Millennial Monster of the Midway is exactly what this bears defense needed to take them to the Elite tier, watch out the rest of the NFC North…You’re (Avocado) Toast.

Captain America: Standing at 6 Foot 2, Weighing in at 222 lbs. Your Captain America, out of North Carolina. Miiiiiiittttttccchhhellllllll Trrrrruuuuuubbbbbiiiiisssskkkyyyyyyy. After having a very vanilla rookie season, Mitchell Jeffrey Trubisky showed the world and every meathead Chicago fan that you give him weapons and a Coach that isn’t a complete waste of skin, the kid can flourish. I’m fully expecting Mitch to make a rather large jump next season, and I base that off of absolutely nothing but blind faith. Captain America may throw a shield…But Mitch can Sling the Rock. Eat it haters Mitch is our guy, Mitch is my guy. I’m a Mitch guy…and you should be too.

Here’s to next year,

Bear Down

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